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The Good Book Club

Welcome to the Good Book Club! We invite you to explore Christ’s redeeming love by reading Paul’s Letter to the Romans each day throughout the season of Epiphany 2019.

We will gather to reflect on the weekly readings from Paul’s Letter to the Romans.

Thursdays: 12pm-1:15pm

In the See House, behind the church

This week’s readings

Friday, January 11
Romans 2:17-29

Saturday, January 12
Romans 3:1-8

Sunday, January 13      1 Epiphany
Hear God’s Word at your local church

Monday, January 14
Romans 3:9-20

Tuesday, January 15
Romans 3:21-31

Wednesday, January 16
Romans 4:1-12

Thursday, January 17
Romans 4:13-25

For more info:

(907) 747-3977